Young people prepare the creation of a center for sustainable energy in Ouarzazate

June 25, 2019, Ouarzazate – Morocco

On June 29 in Ouarzazate, young people active in the renewable energies, energy efficiency and sustainable development sector of the Draa Tafilalet region will meet at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chamber of Commerce Drâa-Tafilalet (CCISDT) in constitutive general assembly to create the association named: Moroccan Youth Center for Sustainable Energy.

Result of several months of work and preparation, this initiative is a response to the current dynamics of Morocco as a model country in the energy transition, it will aim to strengthen the role of youth as an actor in the energy transition of the kingdom and ensure their participation and contributions to the economic and social development specifically of the Draa Tafilalet region.

The idea behind the creation of the center began in December 2017 in Ouarzazate between motivated young people from Draa Tafilalet region, a collective agreement between these young people stressed that the rich context of this region is a relevant opportunity to create links and bridges between local, national and international youth to strengthen their role in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Moroccan Youth Center for Sustainable Energy – Preparation Committee

1st Med Dialogue Bootcamp "Adressing the Ecological Challenges in the Mediterean

The secretary General of CJMED M. Rachid Ennassiri is representing the Moroccan Youth Center for Sustainable Energy during the 1st Med Dialogue Bootcamp “Adressing the Ecological Challenges in the Mediterean in Tunis from 27 to 31 January 2020.

The Mediterranean is a unique eco-region. Its temperate climate, which has been domesticating the African heat and the Atlantic cold for millennia, and has produced extraordinary biodiversity, is in great danger today. Global warming, which is expected to severely hit this region, unsustainable fishing, forest fires and urbanisation are about to radically impoverish the beauty of our wild and rural sceneries and the richness of our biological heritage. Preserving the Mediterranean eco-region is not only a matter of preventing species’ extinction, nor only about defending our most celebrated healthy and diversified diet, or simply preventing the destruction of landscapes which have been created by Human Beings and Nature over the centuries. It is also about struggling against an advanced process of commodification of goods which belong to all humankind, the planet and future generations: water, soil, seeds and species, and air. There cannot be cultural diversity without biological diversity, and none of them are possible if we do not question the current development pattern. For all these reasons, the first call of “Med Fellows: Addressing the Ecological Challenge” will focus on all those challenges facing the Mediterranean region.

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