Board of Directors

Mr. Abdelkarim AMKASSOU, President

Abdelkarim is a PhD student in the field of renewable energies, he’s president of Moroccan Youth Center for Sustainable Energy, president of the association of young researchers of Ouarzazate, he work also as trainer at the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Training Institute (IFMEREE) in Ouarzazate.

Mr. Othmane Ouzrirou, Vice-president

Othmane is the vice president of the Moroccan Youth Center for Sustainable Energy,  maitrise agent within ONEE-BE, energy transport pole, interested in the energy sector and its constraints, thus the contribution of green energy in the energy transition, his intention after having had his mathematics bac, and to delve into the heart of this sector, then, the reason why he went to the Institute of Mines of Touissit, Oujda.

Mr. Rachid Ennassiri, Secretary General

Rachid is the secretary general of CJMED, graduated on Climate Change Science, Communication and Action, with a strong experience in organizing and implementing sustainable development events, projects and green initiatives in his country.

Mme. Aiman AIT EL CAID, Deputy Secretary General

Aiman is the Deputy Secretary General of CJMED, she is a 2nd year student in finance and accounting at the International Graduate School of Management in Casablanca (ESIG Casablanca) as well as a law student at Cady Ayad Marakech University (UCA Marakech ).


Mme. Sara Bakadir, General Treasurer

Sara Bakadir is the treasurer of CJMED, she had her baccalaureate in 2014 in Midelt, she has an engineering degree in automation and embedded systems, option: Renewable Energies, at the Private University of Marrakech: School of Engineering and Innovation Marrakech.

Mr. Abderrahim Ait Lhaj, Vice-Treasurer

Abderrahim is the vice-treasurer, professor in the Ministry of National Education, Professional Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research in Ouarzazate with 17 years of experience specifically in the subjects: mathematics, electronics, etc.

Abderrahim Ait Lhaj

Mr. Abderrazak El Amrani, Advisor

A graduate of the Ecole Superieure des mines de RABAT Ex ENIM in 2012 with an electromechanical option, Abderrazak joined Masen as a junior engineer in September 2012. Abderrazak’s mission within the CJMED is to provide strategic directions as a Technical Advisor

Mr. Abdelhamid Ouchaou, Advisor

Abdelhamid worked as an electronics professor at the Errachidia technical high school (1995-2001) and then professor at the BTS CMW in the same establishment (2001-2008). In 2008-2009, professor of BTS in Ouarzazate and from 2009 to 2018 professor of engineering sciences at the same high school.

Abdelhamid Ouchaou

Radia Ait Rahou, Advisor​

Radia obtained her baccalaureate in experimental sciences, after she decided to move towards the field of renewable energies, in 2016 she had her degree in techniques of exploitation of renewable energies at the Ouarzazate Faculty.

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