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Extract from His Majesty King Mohammed VI’s speech, may God help him, on the occasion of the first national energy conference. Rabat, March 06, 2009

“This rigorous and promising strategy [the national energy strategy] can only be successfully implemented by upgrading human resources and encouraging scientific research. It also calls for all kinds of partnerships between the public and private sectors, as well as broad support from citizens and components of civil society.”



CJMED is a network that seeks to empower young people, providing them with tools & resources to lead collaborative sustainable energy projects


Energy context

During the last decade, Morocco has witnessed an increase in demand for primary energy by an average of nearly 5%. This growth is mainly driven by a steady rate of electricity consumption, averaging around 6.5% per year, generally due to the near-generalization of rural electrification, the dynamism of the national economy and the population growth… Read more

The Speech of his Majesty the King Mohammed VI of July 30th 2008

Morocco’s Energy Strategy

Morocco has adopted a national energy policy favorable to the development of renewable energies, in order to secure its energy supply in a context of strong growth in energy demand, to control the future costs of energy services in relation to the upward trend petroleum products prices and, finally, to preserve the environment by mitigating greenhouse gas emissions…Read more

His Majesty’s Speech at COP22 at Marrakesh…
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